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Infrared Light Therapy Session & Bio-Mat

Do you suffer from severe, chronic muscle pain?

  • 15 minutes
  • 15 US dollars
  • Championsgate Boulevard

Service Description

Do You Suffer From Fibromyalgia? Severe, Chronic Muscle Pain? Try our RED LIGHT LED Therapy. See the benefits of Red Light Therapy: Red Light Therapy is the process of emitting light wavelengths through skin to stimulate your bodies natural healing and regeneration processes. Learn more about how it works and how it can help you. Learn more about this FDA CLASS II MEDICAL DEVICE The safest, most reliable red light therapy available anywhere. Infrared light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation (PBM), has been studied for its potential benefits in tissue healing. While research is ongoing and not all mechanisms are fully understood, some potential benefits include: Increased Circulation: Infrared light is thought to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which can enhance blood flow and improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues. Improved circulation is crucial for the healing process. Cellular Energy Production: Infrared light may enhance mitochondrial function, leading to increased adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. ATP is the energy currency of cells, and higher levels can support cellular activities, including repair and regeneration. Reduced Inflammation: Infrared light therapy has been suggested to have anti-inflammatory effects by modulating the activity of inflammatory mediators. This can be beneficial in managing inflammation associated with injury or various medical conditions. Acceleration of Tissue Repair: Infrared light may promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, which are cells involved in the production of collagen, a key component in tissue repair. This can lead to faster healing of wounds and injuries. Do You Suffer From Anxiety? Depression? Try our BioMatTherapy. Benefits of the Infra red ray and Negative Ions emits by Amethyst Biomat: Reduces stress and fatigue, relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation, improves sleep patterns, reduces inflammation, eases joint pain and stiffness, provides warm, soothing pain relief, eliminates toxins in the body, increases blood circulation, alleviates migraines and tension headaches, reduces allergy symptoms, improves immune system function, improves cardiovascular health, burns calories and controls weight and improves muscle tone and skin quality. ​The results were reduction in stress by 78% among subjects tested and an increased sense of well being. Try our FDA-registed Medical Device today.

Contact Details

  • 8390 Champions Gate Blvd., STE 315



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